social networks


“Defriending” in a polarized age: Political and racial homophily and tie dissolution.


Tracing coalition changes in knowledge in and engagement with childhood obesity prevention to improve intervention implementation


Coalition-Committees as Network Interventions: Baseline Network Composition in Context of Childhood Obesity Prevention Interventions.

Social connections and the healthfulness of food choices in an employee population.


Network Theories

Insights from Behavioral Economics

Social network analysis of stakeholder networks from two successful community-based obesity prevention interventions.

Development and testing of a survey to assess knowledge, engagement, and social network characteristics of community stakeholders involved in childhood obesity prevention.


Associations between social network characteristics, cognitive function, and quality of life among residents in a dementia special care unit

A pilot study


Incident Type 2 Diabetes Risk is Influenced by Obesity and Diabetes in Social Contacts

A Social Network Analysis


Social Relationships and Obesity

Benefits of incorporating a lifecourse perspective

Mental health and social networks in early adolescence

A dynamic study of objectively-measured social interaction behaviors

Networks and Cultural Consumption.


Networks at Harvard University Sociology.

Food choices and peer relationships

Examining 'a taste for necessity' in a network context


Social Network Concordance in Food Choice Among Spouses, Friends, and Siblings.


Cultural Holes

Beyond Relationality in Social Networks and Culture


Soc 797NH: Relationships, Networks, and Health

Soc 797CN: Culture and Networks